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Genetic Genealogy / Genetische Ahnenforschung

Are you interested in learning about your ancestry and/or health? 23andMe provides such information. Some of what you can learn is shown in this FigShare presentation.
Please use this link to order your 23andMe test:

My TEDx talk (May 21, 2010) about Genetic Genealogy:

It is recommended to listen to the video while reviewing the associated slides (11 MB .pdf):

My most recent DNA talk (April 27, 2011, 17 MB .pdf):

Recommended Tests

1.) from FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA):

● 37 or more Y-DNA markers (haplotype)

● Y-DNA deep-clade & advanced SNPs (Y-haplogroup via direct sequencing)

● full mitochondrial sequence

Family Finder (autosomal ancestry)

● For experienced male customers, participating in the Walk through the Y-Chromosome research project is highly recommended. Maybe a novel SNP will be identified in your Y-chromosome allowing a further refinement of the phylogenetic tree of the human Y-chromosome?

Upon ordering your first test, FTDNA keeps your sample (cheek cells + saliva) for further upgrades. Ordering through a project always gives a small discount at FTDNA. You are welcome to use my research project:

After one has received one's test results, one is allowed to join any number of projects at FTDNA, such as surname, haplogroup, and geographic projects.

2.) from 23andMe:

Your DNA is a time machine. It could reveal an interesting ancestor. Start your Journey Here!

23andMe provides via a single gene-chip / DNA-Microarray analysis:
● medical information,
● ethnicity information,
● Y-DNA haplogroup,
● mt-DNA haplogroup, &
Relative Finder (autosomal ancestry) data.

3.) from the Genographic Project:

Have you tested yourself via the Genographic Project, or do you have a family member or friend who has done so? As of April 2011, more than 400,000 people have tested themselves via the Genographic Project, but only less than 100,000 of them have shared their results with others and potentially also done further testing! Please log into your Genographic Project page and transfer your data to FTDNA. FTDNA has done the analysis for the Genographic Project and thus already/still has your sample. Your newly assigned kit number will start with the letter N.

Y-DNA Haplogroup E-M35, E1b1b1

Does your, or that of a relative/friend, Y-chromosome (= patrilinear descent) belong to the E-M35 (E1b1b1) haplogroup? If so, please join the Worldwide Y-DNA = E-M35 (E1b1b1, formerly E3b) Project by either entering your FTDNA kit number at this link:,E3b

or, if you are not (yet) a customer of Family Tree DNA, please apply for membership via this link:

The Y-DNA data of all members of the Worldwide Y-DNA = E-M35 (E1b1b1, formerly E3b) Project is displayed at these two locations:,E3b/default.aspx?section=yresults

A community forum also exists:

and you can also discuss about haplogroup E-M35 on Facebook.

Below E-M35 there are 3 major subhaplogroups: E-M35-M78, E-M35-M81, and E-M35-M123. Below E-M35-M78 there are 5 major subhaplogroups: E-V12, E-V13, E-V22, E-V32, and E-V65.

I am interested in all of E-M35, but my major interest pertains to the E-V22 (E-M35-M78-V22, E1b1b1a1c, formerly E1b1b1a3 and E3b1a3) subhaplogroup. If you, or a relative/friend, are E-V22+, please do contact me ().

Those interested in central European / German ancestry/genealogy/Ahnenforschung may find the "Ravenstein Atlas" to be of value.


Thank you for your interest.

Y-DNA = E-V22+ (E1b1b1a1c*)
mt-DNA = J2b1a

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